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3 Ways to Beat Early Invitation Time Trouble

Photo: Silver Charm Events, Rancho Del Cielo, Malibu

  1. It’s too late to change it, but here’s three things you can do now to make it work:
  2. 1. Proaction – Get ahead of any potential issues. Again, your first guests (I swear) are going to be there 30 minutes before your stated ceremony time. What needs to be done and out of view by the time they get there? What do they need to wait comfortably for the next hour? Chairs, definitely. Do they need programs? It would be great if the place card/escort table was done, too, so you don’t have to scramble during cocktail hour or the ceremony. Make a plan to have those things in place by 4:30pm.

2. Communication – Let your venue manager, your DJ/musicians, whoever is supposed to be onsite during the ceremony (including set-up) time on your invitation. They might have to make changes as to when or how they set-up, and get started. Have that conversation.

3. Obfuscation – By which I mean, “hiding and distraction”. Where can you put the stuff that’s not finished yet, so that it’s out of guest’s sight and out of their way, but where you can access quickly? I’m thinking mostly of the escort cards and welcome table, but think about what else you can hide at 4pm and get back to (not much) later.

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