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Ask Liz: Food Trucks and How to Swing Them


Dear Liz,

I love the one that comes to my work, so we’re having a food truck at our wedding. There’s going be over 100 guests, and I’m worried that it’s going to get crowded. How do I make sure it doesn’t get too crazy?


Feeding Frenzy

Dear Frenzy,

I wish a food truck would come to my workplace everyday. That might be weird, though,since I work from home. My neighbors would like it. But back to you: You’re right, if you announce that dinner is served and point your guests to the truck without any supervision, it will get out of control. So, you have two options:

  1. 1. Treat your food truck like a restaurant kitchen. The truck cooks the food and your party staff (you do do have waiters and clean up staff…right?) serves your guests. Family style would work best, entrees and sides in the middle of the table. Or, if you prefer, put everything on a buffet table. Of course, then you’d have to manage a buffet table.  Which bring us to option #2:

2. Treat your food truck as a buffet table. Guests walk up, order what they want, go back to their table happy. BUT, you’ve got one truck and 100 people facing one line and one place to order. The best way to work that is to call your guests to the truck, one table at a time. 10 people will get through faster than 20.

If your food truck has catered weddings before, ask them what they think works best. Check in with your party staff (which you do have…right?) to see what they think, too, and then make your decision from there. You’re good.

lizcoopersmith-losangeles-wedding-plannerSee you at the end of the aisle,
Liz Coopersmith

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