How to Have Your Dog At Your Wedding

Want to Have Your Dog At Your Wedding?

Whether they’re a ringbearer, a guest, or your companion as you walk down the aisle, here are five rules you should follow if you want to have your dog at your wedding, and make sure they – and you – are safe and secure:

1. ASK YOUR VENUE IF YOUR DOG IS ALLOWED ON SITE. Don’t assume. Ask. You may not be paying for this, so ask your venue manager before picking out the special dog tag.

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2. Remember that your dog won’t behave any differently at your wedding than they usually do, and plan accordingly. If your dog isn’t great around strangers or loud noises, you might have to re-think this, or give them a quick entrance and exit.

3. Keep your dog on their schedule. The feedings and walks they’re expecting will keep them content.

4. Assign someone – other than you – to be in charge of them. The best choice is someone they’re familiar with, but there are companies whose sole business is minding dogs at weddings!

5. Remember to get the epic pictures—the three of you at the end of the aisle, include them in the wedding party and family photos, and a funny pic of them with their own slice of cake. What else would be cool to show how PAWSOME your wedding day was?

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