Wedding Day Coordination

Wedding Day Coordination

You’ve got all the pieces set, but you need someone to pull them together and make sure that your wedding runs smoothly.

Picture this: You wake up on the morning of your wedding, filled with joy and anticipation. It’s going to be a wonderful, beautiful day. You’re going to be surrounded by everyone you love, your favorite people in the world. There is no checklist, and there are no problems for you to solve.You know that it’s all taken care of, and you and your family don’t have to worry about a thing.  You walk into your wedding, and you see that everything has been done according to your design – You are calm and collected and so happy to finally meet the love of your life at the end of the aisle. You see me and my assistant throughout the day, but we never bother you, except to move you from wedding point A to wedding point B, and make sure that you have what you need at every step. All of your guests are well-taken care of, and having a great time. And so are you.

This is what you want your wedding day to feel like.

I have the most comprehensive Wedding Day Coordination service in Southern California. From the day you book with me, you will have unlimited email and phone support. I’ll also give you any additional vendor referrals and advice you need to complete your wedding plans.

Wedding Day Coordination officially starts one month before your wedding. In that time, I’ll contact your vendors and construct a detailed timeline for the day. This will be distributed to all necessary parties before your wedding.

Also included:

Three additional meetings between us, or with vendors on your behalf
A ceremony and reception site walkthrough
Rehearsal coordination
A minimum of two coordinators on site during your wedding, from the beginning of the day to the minute after we close the doors behind us.

All you have to do is just enjoy the day…

Contact me to schedule a consultation and to get a quote – We’d love to find out more about you and your wedding – or email us at