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You provide the vision and we'll take care of the details.

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Los Angeles Wedding Planner

You can picture it now: One day, one big, bright, laughter-filled party where you’re surrounded by your favorite people in the world. One day that reflects your style and your story as a couple.

How do you get from living your full, busy life without interruption, to laughing in the middle of a full dance floor?

If you're living in Los Angeles, or having your wedding here, we'll help you plan your day in  six months or less. Why wait to enjoy a celebration of a lifetime?

At Silver Charm Events, we give you all the support and guidance you need to create a beautiful, happy, and extraordinary day.

What do you need right now to bring your dream wedding to life? Find out what’s possible. Call/text 323-592-9318,  email us at charmed@silvercharmevents.com, or click the link below to tell us more about you and your wedding. 

 Wedding Planning

 Live your life while we will plan your wedding.  Our wedding planning service gives you everything you need to create the wedding you want - unlimited time, referrals and resources, meetings, all coordinated around your schedule, all focused on representing your unique style and vision.

We'll be there from now until  the end of your wedding day, providing a seamless experience that actually allows you to enjoy the planning process.

Wedding Day Coordination

You've already booked most of your vendors and planned most of your wedding.  Now you want to celebrate the day, stress-free, with your family and friends.

A month before your wedding, we'll contact all your vendors, lock down the details and put together an airtight timeline.

On your wedding day, our team will be there to make sure that it all runs smoothly - everyone's on the same page, including you. All your vendors have everything they need. The only thing you have to do is enjoy the day.

A La Carte Services

Details, details. What do you need right now to complete or continue your wedding plans? Find a venue, find  vendors, an officiant or a marriage license delivered to your door? Here you go.

Happily Married