Wedding Coaching

One-on-one sessions and a membership program, that will help you address any wedding challenges you’re having right now.

The Aisle Audit

$88.00 an hour

Hour-long VIP sessions – in person or on a recorded phone call – to address any and all of your current wedding challenges, such as:

  • Vendor referrals based on your wedding style and needs
  • Financial analysis and breakdown.
  • Design and décor concepts and BRAINSTORMING
  • General Q&A Consultation

Give me an hour, and I’ll hand you your wedding…

Complete the contact form on this page or call 323-592-9318 to schedule your first session.


The Fearless Wedding Project

$27 a month

A happy bride – or groom – feels supported and secure that your wedding concerns are being not only acknowledged, but addressed. And that’s all of your concerns – practical, logistical, and even emotional.

This monthly membership program includes two hour-long recorded phone calls, each starting out with a presentation on a particular wedding subject (“What you don’t know about picking a photographer”, “Why your wedding is making your family nuts and how to handle it,” “How to bandage your wedding budget”) and the last 15 minutes is answering your specific questions about YOUR wedding, whatever those are.