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Wedding Wise Tips – September 2018

Los Angeles Wedding Planner And just like that, it’s Fall. September’s wedding tips included emergency kit rules,  venue safety tips, things that are sadly forgotten on your wedding day, deliver vs. pickup, the definition of “fun” and more. Follow me at @SilverCharmLiz or on the Silver Charm Events Facebook page for daily wedding tips.   9/1…

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Wedding Tips

Wedding Wise Tips – July 2018

Follow me on Twitter @Silvercharmliz or on  Facebook to get daily wedding tips in your feed.   7/1 -Wedding Wise Tip  #182 – Some rental companies charge a deposit to cover any loss or damages. 7/2 – Wedding Wise Tip #183 – #lossanddamages One glass can be rented dozens of times a year. If it…

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Wedding Flowers

From the Archives: What You Don’t Know About Your Wedding Flowers

I was at The Enchanted Florist yesterday with my January Bride, and that reminded me of this entry in a series I did with them a while back, “What You Don’t Know About Your Wedding.” Enjoy! Kim Williams owns Enchanted Florist in Burbank, and she’s one of my favorite florists.  he’s always so enthusiastic and passionate…

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You Want Your Wedding Guests to Have Fun? You Go First.

It’s definitely in the top five worries that couples have: How do we make this fun for everyone? What if our guests don’t have a good time? What can we do? It’s a day built for fun, seriously. Free food, free alcohol,free dessert, your favorite people in the world in the room, everyone’s dressed up…

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Asking Liz: The Bar, The Rentals, And Where to Park

I’ve got a run of weddings coming up in the next six weeks, so I get questions… Liz, we’re bringing in all the alcohol for our bar, how do I find out how much alcohol we need? The first rule of the DIY bar: give the bartender what they’re comfortable with. Decide what you want…

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Wedding Guests: The Human Beings In Your Spotlight

  One of my favorite wedding-related quotes is by photographer I worked with a couple of years ago, “There are three things no one wants to be at a wedding: First, last, or wrong.” Of course, it’s mostly you in the spotlight on your wedding day, but your guests feel the pressure, too.  Everyone wants…

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Ask Liz: You vs. Your Venue Search

Dear Liz, My biggest challenge is finding an affordable venue. I keep going back to a local community center, but it’s not what I’d like. Help! Signed, Suffering and Settling For Less Dear Suffering, You know, as I get older, I’m finding that all cliches are true. It’s probably why they are so annoying, actually….

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Ask Liz: Guest List Deadlines vs. Mom

Dear Liz: My wedding is in September, and I know I’ve got to get my invitations out by June. My big problem with that right now are my in-laws.  I’m really starting to look at ordering invitations, and I need their list!! I had another conversation with his Mom last week, and she was pretty…

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Ask Liz: Rentals and How To Swing Them

Dear Liz:   We’re getting married in October, and we have to bring everything into our venue – chairs, tables, spoons, everything. I’ve started talking to rental companies, and I’m shocked at some of the numbers they’re giving me. Not with the cost – I’m fine paying 50 cents for glasses. But am I REALLY…

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DIY Weddings Silver Charm Events

Ask Liz: The Myth of Wedding DIY?

The original version of this article appeared in Huffington Post Weddings I hear it all the time: “I really love this bouquet I found in a magazine, but I think I can save money by going down to the flower market the day before my wedding and making it myself.” “I don’t want to spend…

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