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Enough of the Trash Cans Already

So, I spent all of today updating my website – I addded new pictures, and a link to this blog. I started out just wanting to put in the new advice column, but then I wanted to add the blog. And I love that picture of Diane and Andrew that my friend and one-time assisstant Winnie took. So I added that. Changed the navigation bars. Tweaked a couple of things. Still haven’t gotten to the column, so I expect to be up a little late.

I’m actively working on three weddings now. The first is on the 21st, and it’s local, but it’s around the time when I need to get all of their vendor names and start putting together a timeline. The second wedding is happening in either September or October. That couple wants to look around a bit more before deciding on a place to get married. This one is actually a lot of fun for me, because it’s kind of like a treasure hunt – they have very specific needs, and it’s kind of game for me to find a place that can fit all of them. I think I might be getting close, so we’ll see what happens. The third couple aren’t getting married until next year, which is really cool for me, because it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to help build a wedding from scratch. I love doing research. In return, the bride is re-doing my website, so stay tuned. I expect great things. Some of the greatest webmasters I’ve known were women. Present company excluded, of course.

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