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Meanwhile, back in the O.C.

So, Saturday and Sunday I was in Orange County. Like, DEEP Orange County. Two hours round-trip from my humble little abode in the San Fernando Valley. What I love about this gig is that every wedding is different. Sunday’s wedding was at the clubhouse of a planned community – Ladera Ranch. This place was pretty posh – two swimming pools, three different lawns, a full kitchen with a double-fridge any restaurant would be proud of. There was a living room, and a great room, and the place was like a resort in and of itself. ANYWAY. Color me impressed. So, I worked mostly with the bride’s mother, who was wonderful, and presented me with a four page excel timeline that started on Thursday, and went all the way to Sunday at 10pm. She’d asked about 20 friends and relatives to help set-up the morning of the wedding, so this determined group of people descended on the clubhouse, and had pretty much everything all set-up in a couple of hours. Wow. And then, at the end of the night, the same group of people broke down everything in a couple of hours. Everything was absolutely perfect, except…they forgot to get extra trash cans. Dun dun dun! Trust me, it’s always something.

Trash cans are one of those things where you really don’t miss them until you don’t have them. And then, you REALLY miss them. Someone ran out and got four of them an hour before the wedding, and, luckily, we already had trash bags. And you’re sitting here thinking, “Wait, she’s talking about trash cans?” Yes, I am, and if youre stuck at a wedding or reception site that doesn’t have enough trash cans for the garbage of 20 floral displays, 200 guests, and like, 400 cupcakes and ice cream containers, than you, too, will be be talking about their absence. I’m just saying. Especially if you have a friend of the family’s constantly saying to you, “Where are the trash cans? We need to throw out the trash before the wedding! Don’t forget to throw out the trash before the wedding!” I KNOW. I know, already!

Also learned about quake wax, this sticky stuff that museums use to keep displays in place. Which I really could have used at last week’s wedding, when the orchids kept falling over on the tables.

The Bride and Groom didn’t really know anything about these problems. Which is as it should be.

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