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My Five Favorite Bridesmaid Gifts Right Now

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This email includes affiliate linksI’ve seen some great potential bridesmaid gifts this week. Colorful, thoughtful, fun and useful – your squad will feel loved and appreciated on their way down the aisle.

Anthropologie – Colorway Monogram Mugs – Couldn’t resist grabbing one of these  myself, obviously. $8 online, but I grabbed mine at the store for $5.00, so if you’re near one, GO.

Knot cuff bracelet – Simple, sweet and elegant. This is rose gold, but it also comes in yellow gold, silver, and black.  $7.99.

Decomposition Books – I’ve been obsessed with these for about a year – spiral bound notebooks with different vintage patterns. There’s a slew of them, and they’re great for journaling, note taking, drawing, whatever it is you or your ladies are interested in putting to paper. Only $8 each, too.

Auixwa Clip on Ring Light – Clips right on top of your cell phone or your computer. Perfect if you’re always searching for the best light for selfies and videos, because now you can carry your own in your purse. Or, seriously, your back pocket, this thing is really light.  And there’s plenty of room on the back for you to write a personal thank you  to your girl. “Shine Bright!” Grab it for $10.99.

Pinch Provisions Bridesmaid Minimergency Kit – There is a Brides version of this that I’m giving to all of my clients this year. 21 must haves  for your wedding day and beyond, including hair spray, emery board, regular-absorbency tampon, lip balm, clear elastics, stain remover, nail-polish remover, and a deodorant towelette (!), plus it comes in different colors, it’s cute as hell, and can live in a purse. $21.99, so here’s your splurge, lol!

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