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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Oh, you’re a wedding planner? (Head tilt)Like J.Lo?
A: Like J.Lo in the movie, yes. And, if you think about it, like J.Lo in real life, as well.

Q: Is being a wedding planner just like the movie?
A: It’s not far off. I wish I had her supersuit with all the bottles. Instead, I carry around a purse that has everything I’ll need during the wedding, and a larger bag that has everything I’ll need before and after the wedding. And I’m constantly adding things. Last week, I added a can opener. Because the week before that, neither the caterer nor the reception site had a can opener. Believe it or not. This week, I’m adding Quake wax. Also, the question, “Are there enough trash cans on site?”

It is like the movie in that it can be hectic, but there’s a great payoff. I always get this stupid grin on my face when the bride finally walks down the aisle.

Q: Who’s the most difficult bride you’ve ever had to deal with?
A: Yeah, right. Like I’d ever tell on a public blog. Although, honestly, I’ve been really lucky on that front. No real bridezilla stories. No, seriously. Other people, on the other hand…

Q: What’s the worst thing that’s gone wrong at a wedding you’ve coordinated?
A: Well, once, a bridesmaid forgot her dress. In Burbank. And the wedding was in Malibu. Another time, the Bride forgot to bring the marriage license. And another time, I cut my foot three hours before a wedding. That kind of sucked. I went anyway, because that’s just the type of person I am .

Q:What’s your number one rule as a wedding planner?
A: Don’t panic, there’s a solution to everything. The number two rule is to keep any problems OBR – Off the Bride’s Radar.

Q: Any advice for potential Brides and Grooms?
A: No matter what happens, at the end of the day you’re going to be married, and that’s what its all about. That’s why all the people who care about you are there, to celebrate that fact. Make sure you get the chance to speak to everyone who came. Before you walk down the aisle, take a deep breath and look around, so you can remember everything.

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