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Wedding Wise Tips – December 2018

Wedding Advice December


December’s wedding tips include the ultimate budget plan, a couple of things you’re going to have to let go, a few things you’re going to need to remember, a word or two from Martha, and keeping the lights on. Enjoy!

12/1- Wedding Wise Tip #335 – As I’ve said before, a weddings can be expensive because you’re buying in bulk. Want to save? Invite less people and/ or buy less stuff for each of them.

12/2 – Wedding Wise Tip #336 – How to keep your escort cards from getting out of order: You can’t. Make peace with it.

12/3 – Wedding Wise Tip #337 – How to avoid out of order escort cards: Seating charts.

12/4 – Wedding Wise Tip #338 – #seatingcharts – if that’s your route, they take WAY more lead time, inquire early.

12/5 – Wedding Wise Tip #339 – In answer to the question: “Can leftover food be donated?” The answer is usually “No” so don’t count on it.

12/6 – Wedding Wise Tip #340 – Want your wedding in a venue that’s generally open to the public? Look out for event beginning and end restrictions.

12/7 – Wedding Wise Tip #341 – #forgotten changing the sprinkler schedule before your backyard wedding

12/8 – Wedding Wise Tip #342 -If you don’t want people to go to the desert bar before a certain time you have to put a barrier around it. A screen, a rope, catering staff, something.

12/9 – Wedding Wise Tip #343- Make a list of your vendors’ Instagram handles. Makes it easier to know when/if they posted posted pics of your wedding, and credit them on yours.

12/10 – Wedding Wise Tip #344 – your dog isn’t going to behave any better at your wedding than they do any other day. Keep that in mind.

12/11 – Wedding Wise Tip #345- The kids in your wedding are not going to behave any better than you’ve seen before your wedding. Keep that in mind.

12/12 – Wedding Wise Tip #346 – Ask how long your outdoor mushroom lamps will last. Get extra stick lighters anyway.12/13 – Wedding Wise Tip #347 – If you’re using real candles bring more than one lighter so more than one person can light (and re-light) them at a time.

12/14 – Wedding Wise Tip #348 – Having a professional wedding planner and professional DJ is optimal. You can get by with one of those, but don’t ditch both.
12/15 – Wedding Wise Tip #349 – If you’re serving family style, plan your table arrangements so that plates and centerpieces both fit. Crowded table tops, lots of reaching across them.
12/16 – Wedding Wise Tip #350 If you’re self-catering, don’t forget appropriate serving utensils for each dish.

12/17 – Wedding Wise Tip #351 – Put a small flashlight in your emergency kit.

12/18 – Wedding Wise Tip #352 – Make sure someone other than you knows how to open the restroom trailers!

12/19 – Wedding Wise Tip #353 – Put a wine bottle opener in your emergency kit. You’d be amazed at what else that thing can do!

12/20 – Wedding Wise Tip #354 – Your hotel should have a steamer that you can use on your dress. Call the front desk and ask.

12/21 – Wedding Wise Tip #355 – Yes, you can totally have more than one maid of honor or best man. If they deserve it, why not?

12/22 – Wedding Wise Tip #356 – Brides! It’s the holidays, which means family time, and face time for your ring. Get a manicure.

12/23 – Wedding Wise Tip #357 – I know, I KNOW, but if you don’t like the vendor, it will bug you forever. Choose otherwise or accept it. It’s not up to anyone but you.

12/24 – Wedding Wise Tip #358 – Don’t worry so much about offending your vendors if you ask for a change or a tweak. There’s no offense , but be prepared for a “No”, and check your contract before you ask.

12/25 – Wedding Wise Tip #359 – reminder @marthaweddings re: backyard weddings – remove anything from your house or yard that you’d hate to get broken.

12/26 – Wedding Wise Tip #360 – Get your rings insured. I say that based on personal experience!

12/27 – Wedding Wise Tip #361 – Outdoor Wedding? SUNSCREEN.

12/28 – Wedding Wise Tip #362- dinner rentals will go missing/lost – plates, silverware, serving ware, glasses. You will get charged, find out how much now and make peace with it.

12/29 – Wedding Wise Tip #363 – Always a good idea to find out where the nearest grocery store/pharmacy/ convenience store is.

12/30 – Wedding Wise Tip #364 – Your wedding is a PARTY. A party. That is how seriously you need to take it. Your wedding has no bearing on your marriage, unless you let it.

12/31 – Wedding Wise Tip #365 – I swear to you – it’s all going to be okay. It’s going to be a great and fun and beautiful day. Go in expecting it, and watch for it, okay?

Thank you so much for much reading and sharing my tips over the past year! My plan is to put them in an ebook by the end of January, so stay tuned by following the Silver Charm Events page on Facebook, or follow me on twitter @SilverCharmliz. If you would like to talk about your wedding, go to my contact page   or schedule a 30 minute call with me today.


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