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Wedding Wise Tips – November 2018

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Shorter days, and the cooler weather we’ve been longing for, at last. November’s wedding advice tips include budgeting perspectives, audio logistics, vendor needs (including payments), my personal wedding  planning preferences, and more.:


11/1 – Wedding Wise Tip #305 – Wedding Rule #305, to paraphrase @jayz, if you can’t afford it when you multiply the cost by your number of tables or your number of guests, you can’t afford it.

11/2 – Wedding Wise Tips #306 – Again, whether or not a blank venue wedding is more affordable depends on YOU. One hedge wall, one white dance floor could blow your budget out of the water.

11/3 – Wedding Wise Tip #307 – #weddingplanning goal – all vendors are paid BEFORE your wedding.

11/4 – Wedding Wise Tip #308 – #forgotten – Taking your bouquet with you at the end of the night.

11/5 – Wedding Wise Tip #309 – If you have two vendors that need audio feeds,(videographer DJ, for instance) don’t assume that they can use the same mic. Ask.

11/6 – Wedding Wise Tip #310 – You can’t get a marriage license in one state and use it an another. You may be able to get a license in one state county and use it in another. Ask.

11/7 – Wedding Wise Tip #311 – You’re not supposed to know how to do any of this wedding stuff. Learning is hard. Take a DEEP breath.

11/8 – Wedding Wise Tip #312 – If your videographer is going to use a camera drone, check with your venue to see if they need a permit first.

11/9 – Wedding Wise Tip #313 – Your DJ may have a lighting package, too. Ask them. #askliz

11/10 – Wedding Wise Tip #314 – If your officiant got ordained online, make sure their ordination is legal in your state. It should say on the website.

11/11 – Wedding Wise Tip #315 – Do not despair a small dance floor! Six people will look like a rave on it, and crowds beget crowds.

11/12 – Wedding Wise Tip #316 You do NOT want the raw photography or video files. You want color-corrected, light corrected, and beautiful. Let your vendor do their thing, but ask what their “thing” is.

11/13 – Wedding Wise Tip #317 -It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your venue. You paid to follow the rules, too.

11/14 – Wedding Wise Tip #318 – There is no shame in open seating.

11/15 – Wedding Wise Tip #319 – #openseating – you can still reserve tables for you, your wedding party, and your families.

11/16 – Wedding Wise Tip #320 – Wedding Rule #320: Your guests are grown, whether they act like it is up to them.

11/17 – Wedding Wise Tip #321 – Holiday Survival – You can’t stop people from asking about your wedding. Focus on 1 or 2 things that’s going right, the cool thing you’re looking forward to, and then throw the convo back to them.

11/18 – Wedding Wise Tip #322 – Ask your hair and makeup stylists what they’ll need to do their jobs, in terms of chairs, mirrors, space, etc.

11/19 – Wedding Wise Tip #323 – Honestly, you’re going to need at least two speakers to cover your ceremony AND reception. Don’t fight it.

11/20 – Wedding Wise Tip #324 – (1) No pressure – You don’t have to write your own vows.

11/21 – Wedding Wise Tip #325 – (2) But if you want to write your own vows and you’re worried about it, keep it short and simple. Can’t use the word “love” enough.

11/22 – Wedding Wise Tip #326 – (3)And if you’re afraid you’re going to cry during your vows, practice them when you can still get your make-up touched up!

11/23 – Wedding Wise Tip #327 – Yes, someone is probably going to show up at your wedding wearing jeans. Brace yourself.

11/24 – Wedding Wise Tip #328 – DIY’ing your ceremony music? At the end of the processional playlist, turn the music down and THEN off.

11/25 – Wedding Wise Tip #329 – if you’re doing a parent’s dance, it’s okay if you only want to play half the song. Especially if you’re doing TWO parent dances.

11/26 – Wedding Wise Tip #330 – Paper products are also going to cost more than you think – you’re buying in bulk.

11/27 – Wedding Wise Tip #331 – Fall/Winter wedding? If you’re supposed to be outside, price a tent and talk to your venue about options.

11/28 – Wedding Wise Tip #332 – Serving coffee and tea at your wedding is never a bad idea.

11/29 – Wedding Wise Tip #333 – #personalpreference no pins for money dances, pouches or a purse instead.

11/30 – Wedding Wise Tip #334 – #personalpreference garter tosses are also…awkward.

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