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Wedding Wise Tips: June 2018

Better late than never. That also applies to your wedding day.

6/1/18 – Wedding Wise Tip #152 – Get an accurate count of who is having their hair and/or makeup professionally done so you’re stylist knows how long it will take, and if they need to bring extra help.

6/2/18 – Wedding Wise Tip #153 – As a preventive measure, ask your DJ to bring any extra extension cords and adapters they can.

6/3/18 – Wedding Wise Tip #154 – Since there will definitely be cake and desserts left over, ask your bakery and/or your caterer for to-go boxes.
6/4 #155 – If you’re having a buffet or family style dinner, to-go boxes are a good idea there, too.
6/5 – Wedding Wise Tip #156 – If you’re printing your own place cards, buy an extra box.
6/6 – Wedding Wise Tip #157 – #place cards And format them on blank paper, first,
6/7 – Wedding Wise Tip #158 – Never underestimate the power of just picking it up and Target/Walmart/the grocery store.
6/8 -Wedding Wise Tip #159 – #divorcedparents 1. In the war between Mom and Dad, don’t be afraid to point out to them that you’re putting you in a bad spot.
6/9 -Wedding Wise Tip #160 – #divorcedparents 2.And that they are free to talk and work it out.
6/10 -Wedding Wise Tip #161 – #divorcdeparents 3. But in the end, choose yourself and what makes YOU the most comfortable.
6/11 -Wedding Wise Tip #162- #divorcedparents And, no, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy.
6/12 – Wedding Wise Tip #163 – #divorcedparents -5. It helps if you tell them beforehand what you’re doing re: the aisle, table seating, etc. Invite them to everything, let them make the choice.
6/13 – Wedding Wise Tip #164 – If your venue has a freight elevator, get clear with your vendors on when and who can use it.
6/14 – Wedding Wise Tip# 165 – The first rule of trying to bend any rules is being clear on what those rules are.
6/15 – Wedding Wise Tip #166 – The second rule of trying to bend the rules is asking if you can bend the rules and how.
6/16 – Wedding Wise Tip# 167 – The third rule of trying to bend the rules is finding out what happens if you totally break them.
6/17 – Wedding Wise Tip #168 – Bringing in staff? Check with your caterer so you cover what they need/feel comfortable with, too.
6/18 – Wedding Wise Tip #169 – Does your venue require that you have insurance? Try eventhelper.com or wedsafe.com. Good for vendors that need insurance, too.
6/19 – Wedding Wise Tip #170 – #rentals bussing tables means bussing trays
6/20 – Wedding Wise Tip #171- – Food trucks work best as a kitchen for a buffet. Otherwise that line up can get pretty gruesome.
6/21 -Wedding Wise Tip #172 – Don’t diss the LED candles automatically.
6/22 – Wedding Wise Tip #173 – Cooking on site means having a place to cook that won’t set anything on fire. Take your venue’s recommendation for that.
6/23 – Wedding Wise Tip #174 – Confirm with your bartender that they have all the mixing tools they need.
6/24 – Wedding Wise Tip #175 – If you’re serving specific specialty drinks, give the bartenders the recipe!
6/25 – Wedding Wise Tip #176 – Make a list of what you want to take at the end of the night. Menus, table numbers and programs will be thrown away, otherwise.
6/26 – Wedding Wise Tip #177 – My personal recommendation? Back shuttles up with Uber or Lyft party codes.
6/27 – Wedding Wise Tip #178 – Three things that are just a pain, no matter what: RSVPS, printing escort cards, assigning seatings. You’ll get through them. #honesty
6/28 – Wedding Wise Tip #179 – Remind your friendor the officiant to get out of the shot of the two of you kissing. They just to be aware of where the photographer is, and step to the side.
6/29 – Wedding Wise Tip #180 – Make the announcement to turn off cell phones off during the ceremony.
6/30 -Wedding Wise Tip #181 – Do not be surprised or offended if not everyone turns off their phone when you ask them to!

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