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Bouquets vs. Wedding Pictures

Bouquets by Inessa Nichols Design

Photography: John and Colette Photography – Flowers: Inessa Nichols Design – Location: Ebell Long Beach


Bouquets and boutonnieres, the  the floral pieces you’ve been  looking forward to  for months now. But how and when do you get your hot little hands on them on your wedding day? Doesn’t someone just…hand them to you?

Eventually, yeah, but when and where? The timing of your pictures is the key – when do they need to show up? Is your photographer going to use them in details shots while you’re getting ready? Are you not going to need them until family and wedding party pictures? What does that look like if you and your fiance aren’t seeing each other before the ceremony? That’s two places that two sets of flowers have to arrive on time.

The florist has the flowers, so where is the florist going to be? Is it easier for the florist to come to you, or for you to go to your florist? If it’s feasible, I pick up my couple’s flowers from the florist directly, on my way to check-in with them, wherever they’re getting ready. Bottom line: Pick the easiest solution.

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Ask your florist to tag each set of flowers, so it’s easy to tell who gets what. A bride’s bouquet is usually easy to pick out, obviously, but what’s the difference between the groom’s boutonniere and the ones belonging the  groomsmen? The Moms’ corsages? And just a note: If you don’t have a practiced pro that can do it quickly and pain free, go slowly when you’re pinning them on!

Last: Don’t forget to bring them with you! I’ve had a few – let me change that to “enough”  brides and bridesmaids leave their bouquets at the hotel, which means a quick trip and harried trip back to get it. Use the buddy system and put someone in charge of double-checking that it’s in your end when you open the door.

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