Don’t Forget These 10 Things At Your Wedding

  I would like to see that this is only a problem with bare wedding venues, but it’s not. In my own random order, here are some things you need to remember to not forget:   Don’t forget your marriage license. You are not officially married unless you have a signed marriage license – ever….

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Food Truck = Kitchen

Food truck weddings are a non-traditional catering option that’s becoming so popular (three in the past year for me and another coming up) that it’s threatening to go the way of buffets and become a standard. Food trucks let you serve your favorite foods to your guests. You don’t have to choose from a catering…

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Rule # 3 – Eat Your Dinner

“Pepper-crusted rack of lamb, where did you go??” – Marshall, How I Met Your Mother I only have three rules for the couples I work with (only three) and other than that, they are rarely going to hear the words “can’t” or “must” come out of my mouth. Rule #1 you’ve heard from me a thousand…

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dividing wedding costs photo at Studio EMP

Liz and Lizzie Post on Dividing Up Wedding Costs

Dividing Wedding Costs   [When I write an advice column for the The Broke Ass Bride in 2013, I got the opportunity to talk to Lizzie Post, the Great Great Granddaughter of Emily Post, about the etiquette of dividing wedding costs between couples and family members.  This is part of that interview] Lizzie has put…

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Five Lies That Will Ruin Your Wedding Day For You

Five Lies That Will Ruin Your Wedding Day Your wedding day is here. You can hear the DJ tuning up outside. Your fiance is in the building. Everyone is helpful and excited and happy … Except you. Instead of gearing up to enjoy this cool day that you’ve created,  you’re still worried that you should have…

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Wedding Advice

Wedding Wise Tips – December 2018

  December’s wedding tips include the ultimate budget plan, a couple of things you’re going to have to let go, a few things you’re going to need to remember, a word or two from Martha, and keeping the lights on. Enjoy! 12/1- Wedding Wise Tip #335 – As I’ve said before, a weddings can be…

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Tree adamson house malibu

Wedding Wise Tips – November 2018

Shorter days, and the cooler weather we’ve been longing for, at last. November’s wedding advice tips include budgeting perspectives, audio logistics, vendor needs (including payments), my personal wedding  planning preferences, and more.:   11/1 – Wedding Wise Tip #305 – Wedding Rule #305, to paraphrase @jayz, if you can’t afford it when you multiply the…

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Wedding Candle

Wedding Wise Tips – October 2018

Los Angeles Wedding Planner I’d ask if you’re enjoying the cooler weather, but we haven’t quite gotten there here in L.A. yet, have we? October’s wedding tips included: Wedding safety, guest timelines, couple impulses, and the top reason weddings start late, based on my 15 years in the business. Enjoy! 10/1 – Wedding Wise Tip…

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Wedding Wise Tips – September 2018

Los Angeles Wedding Planner And just like that, it’s Fall. September’s wedding tips included emergency kit rules,  venue safety tips, things that are sadly forgotten on your wedding day, deliver vs. pickup, the definition of “fun” and more. Follow me at @SilverCharmLiz or on the Silver Charm Events Facebook page for daily wedding tips.   9/1…

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wedding rings

Wedding Wise Tips: August 2018

Los Angeles Wedding Planner Wow, this year is getting out of here in a hurry, isn’t it? August’s tips included beach blues, #hiddencosts, things left #forgotten and a little bit of #wedding budget help. Follow me at @SilverCharmLiz or on the Silver Charm Events Facebook page for daily wedding tips. 8/1 – Wedding Wise Tip…

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